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Video Art

Sacred Waters of Bali

We enter the beauty of Bali without a word, witness the connection to water that transcends the practical. Water is sacred in Bali. It graces every offering and ceremony, purifies each prayer. Sensual, poetic rhythms and images layered with music, chanting and natural sounds reveal rich Bali Hindu traditions that endure amidst modernity.

To Erzulie

The poet Lenelle N. Moise submerges herself in her mother’s passion for water in this surreal visual poem. Fluid imagery and unique juxtapositions create a haunting reverie about the influence of unseen forces, diaspora and the Haitian sea goddess Erzulie. Ms. Moise’s powerful voice and performance draw the audience into her vivid recollections.

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Lenelle N. Moise: Poet & Performer
Hank Roberts: Cello
Mara Alper: Director - Editor - Animator
Rebecca Reagan Razzall: Co-Producer - Camera
Donna Lovas: Co-Producer - Lighting Asst.

Silent Echoes

A visual poem about expression and repression in the life of a woman whose spirit thrives on sacred dance, though her daily life is spent in the business world. It is a dream piece, without dialogue, the fantasy of a powerful spirit dancer conjuring joy into solemn lives and creating a transformation. She maintains her sense of dignity and inner strength despite a world that denies it.

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Mara Alper: Writer - Producer - Director
Pat Hall: Dancer - Choreographer
David Pleasant: Drummer
Charlie Morrow: Sound Design
Brooke Maroldi: Editor

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