Mara Alper is an award-winning media artist and documentary maker.

Mara's affinities with dance, animation, film and video as expressive media have shaped her life. Her themes focus on social issues, older traditions and questions about people's similarities, differences and motivations.

A ground-breaking documentary on forgiveness designed to stimulate discussion...

An excellent resource for community groups, counseling centers, therapists, social workers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, mediation/negotiation programs and educational settings.

Viewer comments:
“Excellent, provocative, powerful.”
“Moving, thought-provoking, highly relevant.”

Documentary, 28 min. (2006)

A psychological and philosophical approach to forgiveness is told through four powerful stories from a prisoner, a recovering alcoholic, a grieving mother and a renowned world leader, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

This thought provoking program is for anyone who has been hurt, but has not yet healed. It has been used successfully in classrooms, community centers, prisons, mental health centers, alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, alternatives to incarceration programs, campus ministry programs and by therapists, psychologists and in spiritual healing practices.

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